How to Place a Bet on the Roulette Table

Knowing how and when you could place a bet in a roulette table is a must. However for a full knowledge of how you can play and win in roulette, you can visit

Roulette is a game where you try to guess the number where the ball will land when it stops rolling. This game is popular in many casinos. The rules of this game are quite straightforward and can be simplified as a game where you choose a number or series of numbers or color on the wheel. If the ball lands on the number you guessed you will win, otherwise you will lose.
But for those who are interested in knowing what to expect on an actual casino, we will outline the betting process. We will go through the things that you need to do when you make a bet.

How to Place a Bet

First things first, you have to approach a roulette table. It is important to choose the right roulette table especially if you have aspirations on being a professional roulette player. Pick a table where you can be quite inconspicuous especially if you are playing to win.

In the table, you can see the numbers that you can place a bet on and this table is known as the betting table. These tables are manned by croupiers or dealers who are the ones who are facilitating the game. From here, you need to make a bet when the croupier makes an announcement to “place your bets”. You can place your money on the table and exchange it for casino chips that you can place on the numbers that you think would be where the ball will land. These casino chips usually have a dollar amount which indicates the value of each chip.

Merely announcing your bet is not valid. This is known as a called bet. This is not allowed in casinos since it can be used for cheating. When players are not required to place the actual bets, they can bet even if they have no money.

How Much Can You Bet

Often, you can place a bet up until a dealer calls out that there will be no more bets. Most tables in a casino come with a maximum and minimum betting amount. There is a betting limit that is displayed on each table. This will serve as your guide when you are placing your bet. In any case, when the bet that you made is outside the limit it will be rejected. The dealer will inform you of such. Your bet will also be physically removed from the table.

What bet should you make

Basically, there are two major types of bets in roulette known as the Inside bet and the Outside bet.

For Inside bets, you can place one chip to make a bet on one or on multiple numbers.

For Outside bets, you could place a bet on the color which is either red or black, the even or odd numbers, on a series of the dozen numbers.

Many people advise on going for outside bets since they are deemed to be safer by some players. However, from the point of view of professionals, this is not an ideal choice since the player would lose the bet if he made an outside bet and the ball lands on the green zero.

Special Rules on Even Money Bets

There are special rules that would govern the rules of the game. You need to be aware of this when you are betting.

One rule is known as En Prison. You will know this right away since the zero in the betting table comes in a green color. When the ball lands on the green zero, you can collect half of the bet. Otherwise, you can leave it until the wheel spins again. If you win, you will get the remaining amount of your bet. But, if you lose on the next spin, you will lose the entire bet.

Another rule is known as the La Partage rule. This is popular in many French casinos. When the ball lands on the green zero, half of the bet would be given back to the player.

These rules are said to decrease the house edge. But, there is some question on this matter. Professional players believe that these rules would not benefit them since their goal is to win.

Until When Can You Place a Bet?

After the initial call for bets, the dealer will pick the ball and spin the wheel. As the laws of motion dictate, the ball’s motion will slow down. Often, the dealer will wait for the ball to move slower before he calls “no more bets”. From this point up until the ball lands, you would no longer be allowed to place any kind of bet.

Once the ball lands, the dealer will confirm the winning number by placing his marker on that place on the table. After this, he would proceed to making payouts to the winners.

Professional Ways of Playing Roulette

Contrary to people’s belief that roulette game is not beatable, you can win as much as you desire if only you use the right approach. If you need facts and practical point in playing the game of roulette then you in the right place. Sit back and enjoy the following professional ways of playing the game of roulette. The best professional systems are explained at and you should see the page about how to play american and european roulette at

1). Roulette (electronic machine) computers: this is made of electronic component which are hidden in the machine to determine the velocity of the ball and movement of the wheel so as to predict rightly the number that wins, it is one of the most wining method in roulette system which win up to 90 %. In the present day system, it easy to comprehend for easy usage and when properly used it is to the advantage of the players.

2). JAA referencing system: It is one of the best professional roulette system that works which has a legal backing in all casinos. what this method does is to check the similarities between the variables on the physical wheel to number that wins, although it is based on prediction and for you to know the number that wins is to have a perfect understanding of how the varied numbers that is alterable can be used to determine the profitable number, the interesting thing is that even there is a change in the dealer and when there is a difference between the speed of the wheel and the ball, the winning number can still be detected. It is a very discrete method which edges within the range of +5 and +15% and has about 30% advantage over today’s wheel. It is suitable for both online and offline casino, it has a software compatibility but bit will need up 50 to 200 spins before a good result can be gotten.

3). Prediction by eyesight: This is one of the simplest method in predicting a winning number in that the only needed material for prediction is your eye, with eyesight after observing the movement of the ball you can then make a prediction of the ball’s landing position, although it may seems difficult but it’s a simple roulette strategies that wins, predictions are made towards the end of the spinning of the ball when you have about 5 revolution before the spinning of the ball ends. For good evaluation of each spin there is need for about 50 to 100 spins and it can be use quickly but it is very easy for the casino to detect your method, it only have 3% advantage over today’s wheel and a late bet must be placed to make you a winner which implies you can only place bet after the ball is released.

4). Dealer’s signature: This is simply the constant spinning of the wheel including the ball by the dealers which in turn lead to a predictable winning outcome in roulette game. That is the reason for replacing dealers in most casinos every 20 to 30 minutes, the principle involved in dealers signature is a very simple one in that the ball hit the wheel known as dominant diamond on a regular note and this wheel which are metallic in nature, when you keep observing the ball as it is landing on the rotor, then you can predict the landing position of the ball, as you keep on observing you will be able to predict the speed of the ball, the distance it will cover and its landing position, your prediction may not be 100% accurate but you don’t even need even need up to that but for a perfect success you need a good wheel and a dealer, once you have these you have the chances of making your prediction ahead the landing of the ball but it has only 3% advantage over today’s wheel, it waste time and any slight alteration as result of external factors can make you a looser.

5). Biased wheel or bias Analysis: To a reasonable degree the wheel on roulette game has a level of imperfection this give room to some numbers as against others, it is known as biased wheel, one can make a fortune out of this strategy if detected in time and if used smartly but it has only 2% advantage against today’s wheel, casino only can move the wheel anytime a damaged wheel is detected, time consuming and you can be easily find out.

Roulette methods that can’t work

1). Increasing bets to minimise losses: this method doesn’t work at all because each spin is autonomous so when you try to increase your bet you just increase the amount of money on each spin, never have the mind-set that more bet will bring back more money when you win, it not usually the case.

2). Assumption: never assume that any number is due to win even when the row are made up of 10 red, the spinning of red odds or black is the same, so don’t be carried away.

Playing the game of Roulette

The rules are explained at – One of the most interesting casino game is roulette game and it is very to play. You need to have understanding of how the game looks like before starting.

Basic rules of playing the game

1). Have a perfect knowledge of what the game is: Roulette game is also known as little wheel and this wheel is made up 36 numbers with single “0” on American wheel and double “00” on European wheel, the white ball is sent spinning by the croupier which eventually lands on any numbers on the wheel and betting starts by selecting a table and placing bets on it which must correspond to slot in which the ball land in to win the game. The wheel is divided into the following segment 1st dozens, 2nd dozens 3rd dozens, First eighteen numbers, then numbers 19-36 followed by Even numbers Odd numbers Black and Red numbers.

2). Inside bets are bet on a certain numbers which have odds that pays better and can be any of the following:

a) Straight forward bet (bets on a single numbers pays 35 -1)
b) Divided bets: bets on double numbers wins on 17-1
c) Triple bets known as street which can placed at the extreme of the street usually at the end, on bet placed bet on triple numbers that pay 11- 1
d) Quadrant bet: chips are on numbers that cut across four others and pays 8-1
e) Six line bet: bets on six numbers which pays 5-1
3).Outside are generated outside the number on the betting table and bet does not have to be on a certain number that is why we have
a).Coloured bet which could be red and black and pays 1 on 1
b).Even/odd bet: it pays 1 on 1
c).Column bet: 12(dozens) numbers pays on 2: 1
d).Dozen bet i.e. the first 12 numbers, it pays on 2:1
e).Higher or lower bet: pays on 1: 1

4). What are your odds: For every roulette game there is always a house edge which is in favour of casinos, for American wheel it is set at 5.26% and for European wheel it is set at 2.70% that is why most people prefer playing on European wheel because of its low house edge. You need to know that odds doesn’t change with each spin the ball and the wheel are constant.

Playing roulette game

1. Get a table: very essential in playing roulette game, you can’t stand aloof and expect things to happen, each table will indicate its minimum or maximum bet, so that you can make your choice, it always better to start small so that you can minimise your losses. On each table there is a board displaying the preceding numbers in which the ball landed.

2. Watch the game: don’t just play the game be observant because there is no fast rule about the game of roulette it all depends on your action. Dealers has a habit that could be of advantage to you if only you are observant, at times balls are released consistently at the same velocity thereby making it possible for to predict where the ball will land. When you monitor very well, you can notice when a wheel goes off the kilter.

3. The dealer can have your chips by handing it over to him, then you decided your minimum and maximum bet, your chips can be collected in varied denomination, you don’t play roulette game with regular casino chips because you won’t be able to distinguish your chips from the other and when you are true with the game, then dealer can be informed by saying I will cash out then the dealer will give the equivalent casino game because roulette chips has no value outside the casino game.

4. Understand the steps involved in each round: when the dealers clears the loosing bet from table and paid for the winning bet in preparation for another round the dealer gives a little time for the players to agree on their bet before releasing the ball to wheel for spinning, he then gives his announcement no more placing of bet, mark the portion where the ball lands, the dealer pays the winner and clears off the loosing bet on the table.

5. Understand bet placement: The first set of six bet are placed inside the pocket that bears number ranging from 0-36 on roulette table, column bet are placed on empty column beneath the 3 column, for dozen bet, it place on the first 12 pocket with first set of 12 numbers, second set of 12 numbers, 3rd set of 12 numbers respectively while outside bet used varied with varied colours on low pocket.

Online European roulette strategy

Roulette is a casino game that is known all over the world and is played by lots of casino gamers. Another type of roulette is the European roulette, this is a classic casino game which is real easy to learn and play. Of all the roulette games this one is the least challenging but the most exhilarating game in the casino history. European roulette dates back in the 17th century where it was played by kings and queens of Europe. It is so easy that it can be taught to anyone. Players will enjoy the high rewards and the great odds of winning European roulette. Of course there is a difference between roulette and European roulette and the main difference is the fact that European roulette is much easier to understand. The best roulette tips page for European and American roulette is at

Basic online European Roulette Strategy

There are many people out there who tried to develop the most beneficial roulette strategy. This is something that people have been doing for centuries now. All this research only to have the best odds and guarantee winning streaks. Actually roulette is more a game of chance than a game of strategy, but the strategy can lend a helping hand to lady luck.

One very popular strategy is to play European roulette over American roulette, this is because the house edge on single numbers in American roulette is 5.26% and the house edge of European roulette on single number is almost half that of American roulette and that is around 2.70%. These differences in the house can make a lot of difference when it comes to placing bets and wining money. This difference in house edge between American and European Roulette is American roulette is played with a single zero and a double zero. This causes the house edge to increase, on European roulette there is only one single zero which makes it a lot easier to play and win.

Focus on Outside Bets

When playing European Roulette, you could use the online European roulette strategy to win and have better odds. One of the strategies is to play outside bets, because these outside bets offer lower payouts but have far greater chances of winning. So the strategy to focus on them is surely very good and you will most certainly benefit from it. If you’re a player who wishes to go higher in risk you can bet on small groups of numbers to increase the odds a little bit. The best way to make a small group of bets, is to make bets on inside bets and on adjacent numbers. Another way to do this is to make a Split bet on two numbers. Check if these numbers have a payout of 17-to-1. Or check if they are a Line bet on three numbers in a row, also check if they have a payout of 11-to-1.

Roulette Strategy vs. Roulette System

Often people think that roulette strategy and roulette system are the same, but this is not correct. Roulette system is something completely different from roulette strategy. Although people often think they found a foolproof roulette strategy, no one can guarantee winning. If we look back at history you will see that every winning streak also ends with a loss streak, so no strategy can prove that it is 100% accurate and guarantees winning.

Do not spread your bets

People often make similar mistakes when playing roulette which causes them to lose big amounts of money. One of the biggest mistakes made is that players spread their bets too much and they also bet on too many different types of bets in order to increase the winning potential. But quite the opposite is being done when you’re spreading your bets. Imagine for example that you are betting $ 2 chips on the low numbers and $ 4 chips on each one of the highnumbers. You will be wagering around $ 108 in total. Imagine the ball landed on a low number, then you would earn $ 2 x 35 = $ 70. If the ball lands on a high number you would $ 4 x 35 = $ 140. And if you have really bad luck and the ball lands on the zero, you will lose all the bets. Another way to illustrate it is to imagine that you are doing a single bet of $ 70 on the low 18 numbers. If the ball lands on one of these numbers you will earn $140 at once and of it lands on one of the higher numbers you will lose $70.

So before starting to play European roulette please take note of every online European roulette strategy, this way you will learn what the odds are for winning and losing at roulette with the European roulette strategy.

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Martingale roulette system review

The Martingale Roulette system is a roulette system which suggest you double every bet you lose in order to win back money you used for the bets and if you’re in luck you can also win some extra money. This system is very popular and widely used. This Martingale roulette system review will shed a light on the odds of winning and other topics regarding the Martingale roulette system. This Martingale roulette system review will also give the reader an indication how to use this system for his own benefits. More about the Martingale is explained at

The odds of winning martingale roulette

The odds for all roulette bets are at this link. To win martingale roulette you should keep in mind that it depends on different factors:

  1. The game you would like to play
  2. The amount of your initial bet
  3. The amount of money you are willing to gamble (your “bankroll”)

If you play $5 every time without the Martingale system the odds of winning are 46% and around $16, the remaining 54% are losses and will be around $28. If you try the same amount with the Martingale and as per the rule todouble every bet after a loss. You will notice that all of a sudden the chances of winning are much better and faster, with this system you have an 82% win chance. But when playing the Martingale do keep in mind that the best way to play is for short times. Because if you play long hours you will be more likely to lose or run out of money to play. Also having a small bankroll can decrease your chances of winning with the martingale system. You will need enough money to double your bets. To win on a normal American roulette wheel is not common, the odds are in fact very bad. In this type of roulette the casino has a 5.3% advantage over each player. But if you are an experienced player you will know that the chances of winning are increased when you play a lower house.

It is a fact that the European roulette wheels have far better odds that the American roulette wheels. This is because the American wheels have a 0 and a 00 and the European wheels have only one 0. Also the house edge on the European wheel is lower at a 2.7% percentage. Another nice feature from the European-style is that they offer a “surrender” feature. When using this feature you will only lose half of the bet if the ball lands on 0.

Martingale dangers

The Martingale roulette strategy is a risky system and is best played by advanced players. The highest risk is when the player runs out of money after just a few rounds. Another risk is when the bets reach their limit due to the losses of the player. In this case the player will be forced to double or re-double their bet. But at some point the player will come to the conclusion that he cannot recover his losses and doesn’t have the money to bet anymore. In this case the Martingale system has really failed.

When playing the Martingale roulette system the player will have to play lots of games before winning a decent amount of money, this is because each ‘Martingale round’ win gives them only one chip. That’s why the strategy is based on the more rounds you play the higher the chances are to win a decent amount of money, but it can also go the other way around and turn into a losing streak. When this happens a player can lose all his money or hit the table limit.

Are You Allowed to Use the Martingale?

Lots of players have asked themselves if the martingale system is allowed in real casinos. To answer that question, Martingale is allowed in the casino and is perfectly legal. You can win some money with this strategy, but the casinos are not crazy, they have taken precaution and the roulette tables have an extra security to prevent you from winning too much. And to be honest the casino makes lot more money, so they won’t mind if you have a winning streak.

If you’re planning to try the Martingale for yourself it’s certainly worth the effort. Just go with the flow and choose a roulette table which gives you the right vibes. If you found the table and feel comfortable with it, just try your luck and start with a small bet and go higher. You will notice some winnings and this will of course make you happy, but as soon as you notice losing the best thing to do is to stop playing. The Martingale system can be very rewarding if you follow the rules, but as soon as the odds turn you need to stop playing before you lose a lot of money.

If you carefully reviews of real roulette casinos, you can improve your odds of winning with methods involving roulette physics.


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Can you make money on roulette?

Roulette is a very popular online casino game and a question many players ask themselves is, can you make money on roulette. To put it real short and simple, the answer to the question is “yes”. You can make money on roulette, you just have to follow through some basic guidelines and strategies. Making money on roulette in the casino is not an easy thing to do, so to be sure to read every strategy thoroughly and follow exactly as explained. If you follow as direct the answer to the question, can you make money on roulette will be “yes” for you too.Be sure to always use legal strategies and tips, there are a lot of tips out there but some of them are not legal and can get you in real trouble if you get caught. In the worst case you can get imprisoned for it. Cheaters never do get the best credit and can be punished really hard for cheating, so don’t even think about walking that path.

How roulette can be beaten

There are various systems that can be considered a low risk betting strategy but they eventually fail in the long term. For example, the system for betting red or black numbers may do well for a while, but eventually loses. If you want real good advice and tips, the best people to ask about making money on roulette and American roulette would be casino staff and people working at the roulette table. They have been around the roulette wheel so much that they know almost all the ins and outs. These dealers are the best people to ask tips for making money on roulette. It’s actually all about experience in spinning the wheel and predicting the outcome. If you spin the wheel very often you will get to know and understand the physics involved. But you still have to observe deeper to uncover the predictability of the wheel. Sometimes the wheel has a defect called “wheel bias” this causes certain numbers to win more often that other numbers. So in order to make money on roulette, you will have to find out more about the wheel and its faults.

Proof that roulette was beaten before

There is proof out there that roulette was beaten before. The people who won roulette were simple people, who studied the strategies thoroughly. Because basically winning roulette is not really rocket science. The right approach, strategy and the right wheel are the best combination to increase the odds of winning. In this paragraph I will put some light on people who made money on roulette.

  1. Joseph Jagger: if you ever heard the song “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo”, then you should know this song is about him. He was the first person to explore the roulette wheel bias strategy and also won roulette with it. He won lots of money and the casino staff got suspicious but they couldn’t’ figure out how he won roulette each time. So as a precaution they changed the wheel and the odds turned on Joseph Jagger, he lost some of his money but still made a fortune with roulette.
  2. Pelayo family: They are from Spain and also won lots of money on roulette with the wheel bias strategy. Again casino staff had no idea how they won and because they couldn’t’ put their finger on it they illegally removed them from the casino.
  3. Laszlo Kovacs: this is a recent incident not too long ago, it happened in the Star City casino in Australia. Laslo Kovac used an electronic device better known as a roulette computer to calculate and predict the roulette spinning wheel and ball and won almost $200,000. After this the casino staff became suspicious and they decided to monitor his every move. He got caught because of the tapping of his foot. He tapped his foot to press the computer button which was hidden in his shoe. Lucky for him he was deported and got to keep his winnings.
  4. Ritz team: This incident is also a recent incident where 3 players won more than 2 million dollars in 3 days. After they were questioned by security, the casino staff was still puzzled how they won that large amount of money on roulette.  On them they had several mobile phones and electronic devices. The devices found are almost the same as used by Laszlo Kovacs. Also in this case the team got to keep their winnings because actually no law was broken.

Now a days these devices are legal in the UK, but still if casino staff catches you with one of these devices you will be removed from the casino. You will get to keep your winnings though. If you’re planning to use them, do it discreetly so the casino staff notices nothing of it. In conclusion to these events we can say that there is certain prove that roulette can be beaten and you can make a lot of money with it.

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The Odds of Roulette Table Explained

For greater detail than this page, see the best page for roulette bets and odds. The game of roulette is widely played in most casinos in Europe where it originated and across the world.   To increase the odds of winning, the player has to understand the strategies used in the game and apply them for a chance to win. The odds at the table really tell the player how often they can expect to win.  Your betting option without a roulette strategy is no better than chance, even if you win.

Despite the odds of the game, the player can win with a game plan better than random play. The bankroll is important to the player, therefore the betting strategy used should get the most out of it.  The roulette table consists of 37 numbers in (French or European roulette) or 38 (in American roulette).  The numbers are colored on the wheel, usually in black and red next to each other. The colored numbers are either odd or even numbers. Players select to place their bets on one or a range of numbers.

There is a minimum and a maximum bet at each roulette table.  The casino ensures that it profits from the losers with a minimum bet. The maximum bet prevent the loss of huge sums of money to lucky affluent players of the game.  The payout odds of roulette table vary for each wheel type, whether the American or European roulette system.

The croupier will spin the wheel in one direction for a period of time then switch to opposite direction. The track is tilted and circular. This causes the ball to spin around the wheel until it loses force and fall into 1of 37 or 1 of 38 colored or numbered pockets of the wheel.  The numbers range from 1-37 or 1-38 excluding single zero (0) European roulette and the double zero (00) American roulette.  The odds of winning for the player are really one of thirty five (1/35) or (1/36).  The house retains a 2/37 or 2/38 as a profit, in the event the player becomes lucky and wins; otherwise the house keeps all.

What Are The Odds of Winning Roulette?

While the odds of roulette table are 1 to 37, the bet payout is only 35 to 1. The house edge is (-2.7%) which is millions of dollars for casinos. In all bets the casino wins as the payout is not fair. It is obvious that winning is possible. The thing to do is predict numbers with accuracy greater than 1 to 35.  However, in order for the player to beat the system, then their actions have to be deliberate and calculated. The roulette player has to consider all the variables of the game. The variables include the dealer, the ball’s momentum, wheel and air pressure.   The results can be positive when the player uses more than just random plays; odds are more likely to be in your favor.

The odds really do not change. Sometimes players believe that if they increase their bets then their chances increase. By increasing their bets, means certainly that their bankroll decreases and the house pocketing more when they lose. The stake just really gets higher for the player to say the least.

The casino will not worry about players who use predictions based on old spins and wins patterns.  Each spin of the wheel is independent.  What players do in this instance is write down the numbers and the colors that repeatedly win consistently then place their bets accordingly. Casino owners and dealers are on guard for professional players who are more of a bother. Their job is to catch on to these pros early in their streaks of winning and change the strategy of the house. Professional roulette players are not dependent on random wheel spins. They know the ingredients to win are more physical, which include a bit of mathematics and physics. Overtime roulette systems which have successfully beat roulette, have copied the science of physics using a ball and wheel to decide the winning number.

Winning online is a bit different. The page about winning roulette strategies for online casinos explains strategies that work online, and how to avoid being banned by casinos.

Do Roulette Systems Increase the Odds of Winning?

Roulette systems are designed and intended to give the player a winning edge; however, there is no guarantee. The odds of winning do not increase as the red and black ball is numbered proportionately, but can give the player an edge 100%. Systems such as: Roulette computers (Electronic Cheating Devices) which is most successful at winning. JAA Cross referencing system mostly used by professionals-use the physical variables such as the wheel and ball is used to arrive at the winning number.  Visual Ballistics applies eyesight to predict the winning numbers of game. Dealer Signature is one more strategy the player can use. They depend on the consistent spinning technique of the dealer. After a while the dealer may develop a predictable pattern. Lastly, is the Wheel Bias Analysis – this make use of the imperfection of the wheel as roulette wheels have slight defects.  Roulette systems are the most successful systems used to beat roulette with the odds of roulette table unchanged. The site has a page about the best winning roulette systems comparison, so you know which systems are best for you.

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The Best Tips on How to Play Online Roulette

One of the most ancient and exciting casino games is roulette. A simple game, in which the player selects one or more of 38 numbers looking to make a major profit, has been for centuries one of the favorite casino games around the world. Throughout the years there have been little variations on how this game is played, but today gambler can enjoy the excitement of roulette from the comfort of their home or through their mobile device.

Roulette Basics

For years roulette has been one of the most popular casino games. See the roulette bets and winning odds to understand the math. It offers simplicity and excitement.  There are two main types of roulettes.  The American style features 38 numbers, from 1 to 36, the zero “0” and double zeros “00”. European roulette features 37 numbers, from 1 to 36 and the zero “0”, also known as Single Zero Roulette.

The objective of the game is to select the number that will appear after the spin of the roulette.  The winning bet gets paid 35 times which is the simplest bet you can make, but not the only one.  Players can also bet 2 numbers at the same time which are next to each other, which is called a split number bet, this one pays 17 to 1.  Other bets include 3 numbers which pays 5 to 1, 4 numbers which pays 8 to 1, a dozen or 12 numbers which pays 2 to 1 and also bets on the color (red or black) paying 1 to 1.  There are other special bets available on the roulette which player can learn as they become more experienced such as the 6 number bet and the one on the corner picking the zeros, 1, 2 and 3.

So getting started on roulette is quite simple, all you need is to determine your bankroll, choose your lucky numbers and take chance to win big money!  Players that have decided to begin the process of learning how to play online roulette should expect tons of thrills, action and long hours of adrenaline.

Live Roulette vs Online Roulette

The 1990s was the decade of the internet boom, and with it the first online gambling site emerged transforming gambling incredibly around the world.  Now players could gamble from the comfort of their homes and not travel hours to make some bets.  Online gambling and online casino revolutionized entertainment and how people gamble.

Today there are hundreds of websites where players can enjoy blackjack, roulette, poke and all of the regular casino games within seconds.  Technology has advanced so much, that today players can enjoy their favorite casino games from their smartphones and mobile devices like digital tablets and gaming devices.

Players looking to get started with online gambling and enjoying some virtual roulettes spins must make some research first.  Unfortunately there are some websites which are not as honest as everyone would expect and getting paid winnings sometimes can become a hassle.  The good part is that there are dozens of reliable websites out there who have been in business for years and offer an excellent service in regards to customer care, payments and gaming experience.  Before making a deposit at an online casino or gambling website it is important to take some time and make some research in regards to website background, payout and withdrawal policies, deposit and withdrawal limits and bonus policies.

One of the main advantages online gamblers have is the generous bonuses most online casinos offer.  Players can easily double or triple their balances with these bonuses.  Online roulette players should be aware that unfortunately most casinos do not allow roulette wagers when it comes to initial deposit or reload deposit bonuses.  Online casino bonuses have gaming restrictions and requirements, and the fact that you can play both red and black at the same time and push all your wagers is the reason why roulette is not allowed or included when it comes to online casino bonuses.   VIP players at online casinos do enjoy special bonuses customized for them but online casinos are usually very strict when it comes to offering comps to online roulette players.

New players learning how to play online roulette should be conservative in how much to invest in their initial bankroll and measure their bankroll.

Playing Online Roulette for Real Money

Not always can you use a simple winning roulette strategy because roulette physics is complicated. To get started with real money at an online casino you must choose your preferred deposit method.  Today most online casinos accept all major credit cards and some of them even make payments of winnings back to credit – debit cards.  This is one of the aspects a player must consider before choosing their preferred online casino.

In addition to credit-debit cards, today online roulette players can pick from a vast list of deposit options.  Most of them are known as “e-wallets” or electronic wallets.  They work as an online banking account which can be funded with credit cards, bank wires, cash deposits and even person to person transfers.  A lot of online gamblers choose to use these types of methods because they won’t reflect gambling on their bank statements.  Several methods have been available for decades and provide a secure, fast and reliable option to move funds between gambling websites and bank accounts.

Another good advice, in the path of how to play online roulette, is always to check local laws in regards to online gambling.  Players must be sure they are not breaking the law; else winnings and bank accounts could be jeopardized for not following jurisdiction policies in regards to online gambling.

Make sure you understand the systems that don’t work, like the fibonacci sequence roulette system and the popular Martingale system. You can why the martingale strategy loses and avoid related systems.

To withdraw winnings from online gambling account players must also make sure to verify which methods the online casino chosen is friendly with and what are the policies for making a successful withdrawal.  When it comes to credit-debit cards most online casinos request several documents to be sent such as: copies of credit cards, picture id, utility bill and a statement acknowledging credit card transactions.  This paper work can be avoided at most sites by using the “e-wallets” mentioned above.

Roulette is an amazing game which nowadays can be play online from anyplace around the world! Players only need to make some research on where to play and make sure their money is safe. Enjoy the action and hope your numbers come up!

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The Ultimate Roulette System Revealed

The ultimate roulette system is explained at but it is not the only system that works. The roulette tips here were taken from the professional roulette tips page.

The term ‘roulette’ derives from a French word implying little wheel. The ultimate roulette system has nothing to do with the betting table. Due to its maximum exciting and convenient way of playing method, roulette has become popular.

Roulette was invented in France around 1796. Since then, roulette game remained more or less same. With the passage of time, the technology and designs of roulette wheel have been updated. With respect to odds and probabilities, roulette has now become almost unpredictable compared to the primitive era. The European style of roulette wheel was introduced during the 1800s in Germany. Later on, the game found its way to America and became legal after some time. The present roulette wheel versions available in the casinos are European ‘single zero’ and American ‘double zero’ wheels.

Fundamentals of Playing Roulette

The variable betting options of playing roulette can easily be realized and learnt. There are two distinct kinds of bets available such as inside and outside bets. While the cluster of numbers is smaller in inside bets, outside bet includes larger ones. You will get both minimum and maximum bets in each roulette table. You should avoid the roulette table that does not possess any betting limit.

Just before the spin, the croupier or dealer calls ‘place your bets’. Right then, you have to place your betting chips on the roulette table. After that, the rotor starts rotating. After rotating, the dealer swirls the ball in the reverse directions of the rotor. You can call for bets until the dealer announces ‘no more bets’. Generally, 4 to 5 ball revolutions might take place before it stops.

After the ball befalls, the croupier places a marker called dolly upon the winning number. Then, the dealer proceeds to pay out winnings after removing all the lost bets with a rake or hands. Casino chips will be provided as winning amount. Around last 15 winning numbers are shown in an electronic board known as the marquee.

However, you should also learn about house edge to avoid any misconceptions. It is actually an in-built advantage system for the casinos to ensure prolonged profits for them. You can simply define house edge as unfair payouts. By learning professional prediction strategies of ultimate roulette system, you can only prevent being harassed by house edge.

Professional Winning Strategies

Whether you are playing online or in a real casino, knowing about winning strategies is recommendable. In order to find out the top roulette system, go through roulette website on the computer device as well as cross reference roulette system. Most of roulette tips available in websites are just bogus as they are used as promotional tools. Understanding the difference between beating a roulette table and beating a roulette wheel is necessary. The common factors of effective repeatable success providing methods are-

  • Roulette wheel physics
  • Inside bets based on the sector of the wheel
  • Real roulette wheels only

Having realistic expectations is preferable to avoid further confusion while dealing with ultimate roulette system. Whatever roulette system you are using, you should test it thoroughly after considering its working principle. Perhaps, using the knowledge of physics is the sole approach that helps to win roulette.

Useful Roulette Tips For Players

Whether you are beginners, intermediate or a Pro player, learning useful roulette tips always comes in handy.


  • The more you play; the chances of losing money will be increased. Know the right time to quit.
  • If you want to play for prolonged time, reduce your bet size once your bankroll started reducing.
  • You should learn what to expect from the game by observing the bets, odds and payout chart.
  • Even before you start playing roulette, do not forget to set a losing limit for yourself. Stick to that limit without any hesitation.
  • Avoid playing in crowded roulette tables.
  • Rather than playing in software roulette system, go for real wheels.
  • European 0 style roulette wheel is better for beginners compared to complicated American 00 wheel.
  • Do not forget to check the reliability of online casinos before using online roulette system.


  • Learning the ways of testing your roulette system is advisable. Otherwise, you will waste time on roulette systems that might have no chances of winning at all.
  • Do not hesitate to try something unique especially if you do not wish to use typical systems.
  • However, before experimenting, you should try to gather information on what others have tried and failed.

Advanced or Pro

  • First, you should learn to assess wheels.
  • Along with roulette wheels, do try to assess casino environment and procedures.
  • In order to beat complicated wheels, find suitable partner to share knowledge.
  • Instead of counting hours and days, look at the bigger picture. Beating roulette system is not a matter of joke.
  • By going through various manufacturers’ websites, try to be familiar with different wheel designs.
  • Always try to use common sense to remain undetected throughout the play.

For being an experienced roulette player, spending time in learning the nitty-gritty of the game is required. Figuring out the ultimate roulette system is only possible with extensive research and thorough knowledge. You have to gather experience gradually. Don’t forget to read why the martingale strategy loses because most systems are based on a losing system.

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Professional Roulette Tips To Win

Roulette is a game of chance which involves a spinning wheel with numbered slots. A small ball is rolled and players bet on which slot the ball will land on. People who play the roulette for the first time will soon find out that the basics of the game are quite easy to learn.

How Roulette is Played

Players from any part of the world will find that the rules and instructions to play roulette are the same, whether the game is being played in Las Vegas or casinos elsewhere.

  • Several rollers (usually up to six to a table) can play the game for stakes with special non-value roulette chips purchased or converted from their cash equivalents at the table.
  • These chips have a set value depending on the lowest bet fixed at the roulette table. A player may also opt to bet for higher stakes using regular casino chips that have specified amounts in them, such as $1, $5, or $25.
  • A croupieror dealer keeps the roulette wheel spinning while collecting bets before a game starts. A small ivory ball is rolled along the inner rim of the wheel and in the opposite direction of its spin.
  • The players place theirbets, and they can do so up to the time the spinning wheel slows down in momentum but before the ball settles into one of the numbered slots.
  • The winning number for a particular game is the number on which the ball finally lands.

Types of Roulette Wheels

There aretworoulette wheel types: the European Roulette Wheel with single zero(0), and the American Roulette Wheel with double zero (00). There’s not much difference between the two, save for the American version having 38 slots because of the additional double zeropocket, as against 37 slots only for its European counterpart. The order of the numbers is also different between the two types.

Professional Roulette Players

Professional roulette bettors play to win and keep winning. So aside from knowing the basics, they must be interested in beating the system consistently to rake in more cash. Here are some of the best professional roulette tips and tricks:

  1. Players must choose the wheel that gives them the greater advantage over the casino. If they havean option about which type of wheel to use, it should be the European Roulette wheel. Many Americans think that, since they’re more familiar with the American wheel type, they have a greater chance of winning. The truth is that the odds don’t change with familiarity. Our advice for 00 American roulette players is to choose the European roulette wheel because the odds that they’d make a wrong guess is less (36-chance of a wrong guess over 1 correct guess) than if they’d use the American roulette wheel (37-chance of a wrong guess over 1 correct guess).
  1. Experts play with the real roulette wheel, not on random number generator (RNG) roulette. RNG roulette is actually not roulette, but software similar to a slot machine. A computer determines the random winning number, and there’s no way to beat this computer gambling system in the long run.
  1. It is important that the players pay close attention to their bankroll. Even before starting the game, it is wise practice to set a cap to possible losses and avoid betting progression or increasing the amount of bets every round with the hope of recouping previous losses. This will only make the bettor lose faster and increase the risk every time.
  1. Observing the wheels for biases or patterns and studying preceding rounds are imperative. Some wheels tend to result in odds more often than evens, and vice versa. This is one way to beat roulettes, and casinos know this. This is one reason why wheels in a casino are often moved around – to prevent professional players from discovering patterns and winning consistently.
  1. The player should not make the mistake of thinking that after a sequence of 10 black consecutive spins, a red spin is bound to happen next. This is a wrong notion. The mathematics of the game does not change; the probability remains to be equal for a black spin or a red spin, and every spin is an individual event.
  1. Professional players must know that there is such thing as a dealer’s signature. This makes some games more predictable, and increases the chance of bettors who are able to detect it. This is the reason why dealers are changed regularly. The physics between the ball and the wheel determines how the ball bounces and where it eventually lands. The manner with which the dealer spins the wheel and rolls the ballis a significant factor.
  1. Studying the scatteris also of great consequence. The player will want to choose wheels which he believes might have a predictable scatter by observing and taking note if they land on specific areas or hit metal deflectors more often than others. Such wheels show predictability. The player may then make intelligent guesses on which areas or sectors the ball will likely land, and make neighbor bets on these likely sectors. This increases theedge and provides a bigger chance of winning consistently.
  1. Professional players must make their observations covertly and win discreetly. They don’t pick tables with very few players; this will make them very conspicuous. Most experts avoid colored chips, too. This reduces the chance of detection of their winnings by the casino. Should players decide to bet using colored chips, they must cash in winnings below the threshold where identification is required. Casinos don’t like consistent winners.

Even games of chance, like roulette, can be beaten. Professional players are keen on observing how the casinos secure their roulette formats and systems, because these show where the casinos’ systems are vulnerable.The professional roulette tips shown in this article show how these weaknesses can be exploited to the player’s advantage.

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