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Winning Roulette Tips

We've all been scammed by roulette system sellers, yet their websites make such appealing claims. You can't always trust what you read, especially when it comes to buying gambling strategies. After all, why would someone sell something that legitimately beats the casinos? Very few methods for sale actually do win consistently.

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If you are developing your own winning strategy, considering the following tips on how to win roulette:

1. Set your bankroll: never gambling with more than you can afford

2. Once you've developed your methods, stick to it. No method is effective unless you apply it as specified.

3. Only play on real wheels: it's impossible to beat software roulette because they're no better than random number generators and slot machines with pretty pictures and sounds. You can only win consistently on real roulette wheels.

4. Never show your entire bankroll: assuming you have developed an effective strategy that wins consistently, you need to win covertly. Otherwise, the casino is likely to either ban you or somehow make your life more difficult. Successful systems only remain as such if you are not detected. If you maintain a pile of chips in front of you, this only enables casino staff such as the pitt boss to easily monitor your overall progress. If they believe you are a little "too lucky", they may reveiw surveilance footage to determine if you are a professional player.

5. Never bet on any outside bets: doing so will definitely ensure you lose over the long term.

6. Play European single zero roulette wheels where possible. American double zero wheels offer a poorer payout.

7. Avoid progression betting. Any professional that knows how to win at roulette would tell you progression betting is just a good way to prematurely blow your bankroll.

8. Check wheels for physical defects that can be exploited. Roulette wheels are manufactured, and are subject to flaws and various wear are tear. They do not produce truly random outcomes. In fact it's almost impossible for spins to be completely random. Usually flaws are not significant enough to win at roulette without something such as a roulette cheating device from, although some flaws can be used to increase your overall advantage. Often you can tell a wheel has a flaw if the ball doesn't have a smooth deceleration, or sounds "rickety" when the ball is at certain speeds. You can also often see cracks in the ball track, although such flaws are usually only apparent in older casinos.

9. Observe for other successful players: sometimes you may find particular players win more frequently than others. They may indeed be professional players who apply one of many known effective techniques. They may even be applying roulette computer cheating devices. Try copying their bets, but don't make it too obvious or you'll just end up usetting the player, or alerting the casino to suspicious play.

Indeed it is possible to win at roulette consistently. Many players continue to literally win small fortunes, but only very few know how it is done. Learn about the Roulette System at - learn genuinely effective professional strategies to win at roulette.

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