Wins come in waves

Discussion in 'The Notepad' started by systemx, Jun 1, 2017.

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    I hope this helps someone. Ever find you can have no wins for ages the suddenly win after win? I think it comes in waves.

    My best sessions come when I bet low when numbers arent hitting. Then bet higher when they start hitting.

    How do you know when a wave starts or ends?

    What I do is set a session length and if Im up after it, I bet higher for the next session. If Im down, next session has lower bets.

    I think a key is knowing the best cycle length for your bet selection. It is different for every bet type.
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    Sometimes you win in waves. Sometimes you lose in waves. Sometimes its a bit choppy and a bit of both. Its like a box of chocolates. Dude its all random.
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    More specifically, it's all waves. It's waves within waves within waves.

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