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    Sure, I have a few systems. I dont mind to share them.

    The one I used most recently is this:

    Start with say $500 bankroll and make 10 x random $5 bets. Remember what your starting bankroll is.


    If at any time you are UP on your starting bankroll, reset to the start.

    If you lose you bet the same, plus two other random numbers like this:


    Then if you lose again, add another 2 numbers AND increase bet size by extra unit on all numbers like this:


    Any time you win on a spin, remove the bets on that number but repeat the other bets. Keep doing this until you are UP on your previous bankroll.

    So on each spin you either add an extra two numbers, or you will remove any bets on that winning number and bet the remaining numbers for the next spin.

    Increase the bet size by +1 unit at the milestones 12 numbers, 14,16,18,20 (and so on ever 2 numbers)

    I hope this makes sense. I use this system and walk out with profit almost every time I play.
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    Thanks God.
    Good Morning All.

    Thank you Systemx.

    Wow fantastic system, passed initial tests. thanks a lot for sharing it.

    Love and Light

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