Mass Debate Rules:

All rules already at still apply. Regarding debates, the following additional rules apply - actually they are more like "guidelines", but they will help keep discussions from spiralling into out of control arguments. Guidelines or not, individuals who tend to merely disrupt progress will be banned from participating (not from the forum).


Asking Questions:

1. Number each question you ask.

2. Ask only ONE question per number.

3. Be very clear and concise about what you want to know.


Answering Questions:

1. Quote the question, with your answer directly below the question.

2. You have the right to refuse answering questions, but if you answer a question, answer directly.

3. Do not answer with a question.

4. When answering each question, do NOT go into all kinds of irrelevant information. Stick only to what is relevant.


General Rules:

1. Do NOT make it personal. Leave your ego at the door. Focus only on the truth. Personal remarks are not tolerated.

2. Spectators can post their opinions, but if they want to challenge someone or ask a question, they must abide by the rules.

3. No jokes about the name of this forum.