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Kingspins  "Roulette Magician "System.
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October 16, 2015, 7:34am Report to Moderator
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Kingspins Roulette Magician.   I have hit some nice wins with this method , the method is simple and uses  very simple mathmatics.   What we do to select the winning number is subtract the last spun number from number 36 .    I will explain how i play this method in more detail , last spun number is say
number 20 , all you do is subtract 20 from 36 and your left with 16 , so the next bet will be number 16 .  , if you loose you will "HOLD" this bet for the next spin and using the last spun number again subtract from 36.  So lets say we loose this bet on number 16 because say number 1 hit then the next bet
will be number 16 and number 35.  Now lets say this bet looses too because number 18 hit then the next bet will be numbers 16 , 35 , 18 , You get the
idea real easy to do .  keep repeating the process and adding the new numbers and holding all previous numbers untill a win comes in.  This bet selection method is best done with on line roulette real wheels only. .  
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October 19, 2015, 3:14am Report to Moderator

be lucky!
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Why not just pick random numbers? There is absolutely no logic in this.
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