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"Win The Game" scam Warning
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September 20, 2011, 9:21am Report to Moderator
Still in Diapers
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Sorry to say I was fooled by this one. Well, I was very suspicious from the very start but decided to give it a try
anyway. Just by curiosity. It cost me some 500 dollars and of course I got nothing for the money. A guy, calling
himself Ethan has a site: http://www.win-the-game.info/ He claims to have an unbeatable system and wants you to
become his partner in a win-win partnership. To concince you he gives a demonstration. Betting on dozens he wins all
the time. Using some net hijacking tool he takes over your computer and make you think you are playing at one of
your favourite casinos. Actually he is running a prerecorded video. After this fantastic end very clever demonstration
he wants you to pay 500 - 3000 dollars to get the system and become a partner. The money shall be transfered to his
account with  Libertyreserve - one of these obscure internet "banks". This clever scammer has some friends helping
him  finding new victims... One of his business companions has a faked demonstration on his blog site - if it is still out
there: http://the-system-review.blogspot.com/  This guy calls himself Henry Carter and if you email him he will give
you some pathetic story about how Ethan saved his life with a magic roulette system...  If you pay the money for the
system another guy contacts you from this email: support@win-the-game.info telling you that from now and on he is
your contact. A bad contact though. You send him dozens of emails, asking for the magic system and off course you
get no answwer from these criminals what so ever. Well, the world is full of scoundrels and scammers, liars and so on. I have just warned you to keep out from the three of them.........
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September 20, 2011, 10:48pm Report to Moderator

New Member
Posts: 83
This is the greatest scam EVER! please guys read here http://www.onlinerouletteking.com/Great-Roulette-System-Scam.html

This bastard is promoting with Ads everywhere in the internet he's making thousands of dollars, when I first met this moron I was chatting with him, I slapped this site review in his face http://www.onlinerouletteking.com/Great-Roulette-System-Scam.html

Now Ethan bastard what you have to say uh? I  told him this, the pig shutted the chat in my face, he is very kind with you but he's very evil, very very very evil. This guy belongs to jail... Steve I forgot to say this YOU MUST make a review  in roulettesystemsreviews, we need to stop this bastard... there is nothing we can do? Is making alot of sites... blogs with fake videos... you guys have a solution for report this master scammer?

He asks you to pay with Liberty Reserve because you can't ask for refund and the seller can't be banned, I asked why he's not accepting payments trough Paypal he said because paypal told him why he's making so much money, LIE, there are internet marketing millionairies gettind paid millions every day.
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