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Your roulette Success story
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August 19, 2010, 4:42am Report to Moderator
Still in Diapers
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Share here your roulette success Story
I have been surfing the forum and its good to know the tips and tricks

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August 19, 2010, 10:03am Report to Moderator
Still in Diapers
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Long long time since i have logged in here or posted any comments.  Been too busy playing lol

Anyway, in reply to your post, the only advice i can offer is as follows.

Real casino play:  Walk around and look at the results from previous spins. Look for someone who is spinning relatively even/close results. IE  neighbours or direct opposite numbers. When you find a table showing reasonable results, then play that table.
Don't bet small amounts and just keep playing those amounts. You will never walk away winning. You have to recognize a "trend" of some sort and play your bets accordingly.  I personally watch for a trend and "hit" it.  Usually starting with $5 single number betting, and if i am running, then increase the bets with "part" of my profits.
EG: I was in Australia a couple of weeks ago. Noticed the results on one table where the ball was landing within four numbers of the last number. There were 12 past spins showing this. I couldn't believe it. So on i went and bet $10 per single number this time.
Within 15 minutes i was a couple of thousand dollars up.  Then they changed the croupier bugger it.

Went back the next day, and there he was again showing similar results. So that was it, i hit the table again with same results.

ANd so was everyone else.  you should have seen the chips on the table, it resembled a Manhattan skyline. Is was fabulous playing and watching people clean up.

Back in New Zealand i visitted the local casino last saturday night.  Again came across a croupier that appeared to be spinning very close to the last number or directly opposite the last number. So that is what i did. Bet $5 per number around last number (four on each side plus last number spun), and also the four numbers directly opposite the last number.
So i was laying out 13 bets at $5 a piece.  I was hitting every spin for 16 spins, then the croupier changed.  So went home with a big smile on my face.

When i am playing online, i look for similar patterns. I don't care what anyone says,  there are many times where there are distinct patterns being played out.  EG: The other day i was on line playing and after a few spins i noticed the pattern. It was going like this :-   first number up say 11   then it would double spin 11,  next number directly opposite, then next number back to either 11 or numbers next to it. So i played accordingly.  Talk about clean up.  For about 13 spins it did this exact pattern, then stopped. So i logged out.  Logged back in a few minutes later to see if there was the same patter. And believe it or not, the pattern was exactly the same. The first number up was 11 and so on.  It was like their computer had stuck on a patter, so i cleaned up once again.
Logged out, then back in about an hour later, so thought,  I wonder if......  My first bet was 11 and sure enough 11 came up.
And for the third session the patter was "almost" the same, just a slight variance.  Again i cleaned up.

So, my advice is, look for a pattern and go for it. Don't just sit and play random numbers. Forget all outside betting, that is for mugs.

The one other system or method i have watched and played, and it is one where you don't get caught in a long run of something.

What i do is FOLLOW the last color. Ie if it was red, then i bet on red single numbers as well as a cover bet on red itself. As i don't bet on all the red numbers.   If you get a run of 3 , 4 or more reds in a row you are well ahead.  If it changes to black, i follow black.  The only time you really break even or lose a small amount is when it changes red, black, red, black and so on.

I have seen many people work a progressive betting system around this method and do very very well.   I know one person who makes a living on it alone.  He goes in with the idea of winning $500 a day.  And as far as i know he appears to do it.  Mind you, he is betting larger amounts of money. Usually $100 on the color at a time with a spread of $10 or $25 single number betting.
He only has to hit it once and he is way ahead and goes home.
Try it,  walk around the casino and look for the color runs.  Do the numbers.  

I only ever bet in the above two ways.  Forget anything else.   You can do progressive betting on either one.

Good luck

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August 28, 2010, 9:09pm Report to Moderator

The easiest money is the hardest to get
Administrator Group
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My best advice is to ensure that your play is elastic, and if you find yourself feeling bored either end the session, or change the strategy, then whether winning or losing end the session soon after.  
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January 26, 2011, 7:41am Report to Moderator

New Member
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I guess these answers can go in different directions. Myself, TRIAL & ERROR, I cant say it too many times. I own
half a restaurant mainly due to roulette
(around 80% came from roulette). Playing methods. Most were progressions
and a few are/were flat betting. I post this not to brag but rather being PROUD.

Roulette is not as tough as people make it out to be, IMO. They get
discouraged FAST and then......its off to do 'other' things. My advice, take a
couple good ideas from OTHER methods and try to create a method that best
suites you, something like a 'stew'. (lol) If that method does 'okay', try and
find where (if at all) you can make small changes to come out with better
results. If you cant, so what? Dont play that method ever again and start over
fresh, from scratch.

Ken  (mr j)
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