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Forester's FF and My computer comparison
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December 29, 2009, 3:30pm Report to Moderator

Administrator Group
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You might already know I stopped selling my computers a while ago. But still i have an interest in showing people the difference between manipulation, ignorance and arrogance... and basic truth. After the rubbish and injustice of what forester has spread about me, it makes revealing the truth even sweeter. I did say it wouldnt stop at ronjo's testing, and I want the people forester manipulated to know that indeed he is a liar - at the very least, he is blinded by arrogance and extreme ignorance, but sticking your head in the sand because you dont like the truth isnt exactly adult-like. Every attempt of mine to show forester the truth met with a brick wall. Why? Well he didnt want to know the truth. Should the truth upset or embarrass forester, stiff sh*t - he should learn to grow up and put truth before pride.

He hangs onto things like purchasers of my computer who thought it was a scam, like good ol bago. Forester doesnt want to speak the truth like often people dont understand what they are doing - especially when it comes to technical device. for example, bago refused my support call saying he didnt speak english well enough. Forester doesnt want anyone to know that one player lost over 40,000 EUROS with his computer... According to Forester, it wasnt that his computer is poor on modern wheels - it's just that the player didnt know what he was doing. Strange how according to forerster that same thing isnt possible with my players. There have been others that flatly refused support because they were too manipulated by forester's bullshit. Recently a romanian player, who had even done foresters different diamond test and seen for himself forester was full of sh*t - then after reading foresters lies, immediately thought I was a scammer. Then I had to repair the damage done by forester, and explain to the Romanian player that he did the exact test that proves forester is full of sh*t. And now things are ok between the player and I, because he listened to reason. But some other player did NOT listen to reason - they were too far manipulated with forester's talk about mobile phones. Now all my computer instructions warn people about foresters bullshit, and why he claims my computer is a scam, and how they can test to prove forester is full of sh*t. It is amazing how some people have in their hands all they need to see the truth, but flip after reading negative crap from forester - then I have to repair the damage forester did to the player. A few times now players broke contracts after reading lies, then I banned them, and later forester tried to teach them partially the same things I teach them. Then the player calls me a scammer, forester then says "oh no another person got scammed", all along not wanting to see it was his lies that manipulated the player and encouraged them to break the contracts and get banned. Forester perhaps just doesnt see himself - having met him in person, he is just not a normal reasonable person - he is clouded with arrogance I've honestly never seen before.

You have to wonder why forester speaks of everything irrelevant trying to discredit me - whether or not sh*t he says is accurate is not important, because many issues he speaks of are irrelevant, although I must say he really is full of sh*t, has no idea what he's talking about, and twists facts to suit his own head - whether or not he's aware of it. A lot of what forester does is malicious and just to piss me off - like publishing private information. I dont do any of that because I dont care about where he lives or what he looks like. He seems to consider all kindsa sh*t about me relevant, or more that he uses anything he can in any way because thats just the type of man he is. Anyway I'll try to stick to what's relevant..

A while back I made a video showing my computer being applied on the mk7 wheel (that Ronjo also tested on, but with different spins). In the video, as I said at the time I made it, I intentionally used the most basic settings possible. The wheel wasnt leveled properly but it didnt matter. Why? Because the settings on my computer were made to do partially what Forester's computers do, so a comparison can be made of the RAW predictions.

In the tests done, neither my computer or forester's computer were using optimal settings. They were BOTH assuming the wheel was level, which it wasnt anyway - it actually had dominant diamonds at opposing sides. Foresters computers dont compensate for anything like ball deceleration rate changes or different scatters on different rotor speeds like my computer does, but for the purposes of comparison I switched off such features on my computer for the video.

I showed the video to a few people that have both mine and foresters computer, I guess to show the kind of person forester is. But the video was so long ago I dont recall the actual settings I was using. Nevertheless, the results of raw predictions on the same spins are below:


0  : X X X
1  : X
2  : X
3  : X X X
4  :
5  : X
6  : X
7  : X X
8  : X X X X X X
9  : X
10 : X
11 : X
12 : X X X
13 : X
14 :
15 : X X X
16 : X X
17 : X
18 : X
-18: X X
-17: X X
-16: X X
-15: X X
-14: X X X X
-13: X X X
-12: X X X
-11: X X
-10: X
-9 : X X
-8 :
-7 : X
-6 :
-5 :
-4 : X
-3 : X
-2 :
-1 : X


0  : X X
1  : X X
2  :
3  : X
4  : X X
5  :
6  : X X X
7  : X X
8  :
9  : X X X X
10 : X X
11 : X
12 : X
13 : X X X
14 : X X
15 :
16 : X
17 : X
18 : X X X
-18: X
-17: X
-16: X X
-15: X X
-14: X
-13: X X X
-12: X X X
-10: X
-9 : X
-8 : X X
-7 : X X X X
-6 :
-5 : X X X X X
-4 : X X
-3 : X
-2 : X X X
-1 : X

Again neither computer was using optimal settings, but the scatter is more manageable with my computer. Mind you forester's computer was predicting about 1.5 seconds after mine - it was up to 2 whole revolutions behind, so my computer was at the disadvantage. Still results from my computer were better - just the standard computer, not the hybrid. I could have made it so they predicted the same time, but why make it easy. I was already using the worst possible settings. And it is even a version of my computer that's about a year old - since then it got even better.

Dont ask me about mark's computer on the same spins. I dont think he ever tested his computer properly.

I have little doubt forester will say the spins arent real, or that I'm a satanic scammer with evil flowing through my veins, that I'm an amateur, that he is king and can never be wrong, and his wang is bigger... sooo, if anyone that has forester's ff want to test for themselves, let me know and I'll send you the video. In it you can see the predictions on the screen of my computer - everything is visible etc. Many of you here have already seen the video so you know what I'm saying is accurate.

When I have time I'll make another video but this time will make note of the settings. I'll probably exactly emulate what forester's computer does, which is really not how my computer is used, but this is just to make a comparison. Can java programs do accurate timings? In some circumstances yes, others no. It depends on the phone, how programming is done, and very importantly the phone firmware. Forester in all his wisdom would say I dont know how to do firmware mods. Sure, he's right - that's why i pay others to do it. But when it comes to forester, this is a guy so ignorant that he once even told people my computer gives predictions via sms. wtf, I dont know.

Anyway, I dont know why forester has a hard time accepting things. When his computer was a silly little timer, I said as such. When it was a zapper, he was making progress but still a long way off. Now his computer talks. Now it makes adjustments for tilted wheel, which my computer did well over a year ago. Before he developed his "point set" FFA, I had developed computers capable of automated prediction. He couldnt even believe it, and had a hard time believing the hybrid can predict off reflections - as if i had made up stories about some fantasy technology to impress. Now that he's no doubt seen the hybrid video, he'd see that rather than me be full of sh*t, he is just ignorant, and arrogant to "assume" that if he hasnt developed something, then others havent - especially not someone he hates. Why does he hate me? I believe arrogance mainly. But pride doesnt change truth. Honestly if or when his computers are as accurate and practical as mine, I will say it. I would sincerely have no problems saying it, if it were true.

While I dont see forester and I skipping down the flower-covered prairie holding hands, other than him being full of sh*t and wanting to correct the bullshit he spread, I dont have animosity against the guy which is why I dont want to publish anything to harm him, ie photos, addresses etc - like he did to me just to piss me off like a child. Where I tried to be adults with him and resolve issues, he says I just try and convince him to remove his material about me to make sales.. when I'm not even selling computers anymore. Like I always said, sale were secondary - I just want the clown to start telling the truth instead of manipulating people, intentionally or not. But he doesnt investigate the truth, as i said - he wants to AVOID it and continue on with his same crap about mobile phone bad, stefano scam, me king etc. So, the truth needs to be in everyone's face. Not all of you are interested, but I want there to be no doubt about the truth - especially when dickheads with zappers call me scammer.

Merry xmas everyone, happy new year etc. See Bombus for extra-happy times.
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December 30, 2009, 7:23am Report to Moderator

Administrator Group
Posts: 2,668
PS - Firmware is the programming that goes onto hardware that runs the software. Like when you have a PC without windows, it has firmware on it to start. The roulette computers consist of both firmware and software. Forester says the only way to make mobile phones suitable for roulette computers is to modify firmware. This is partially true. Some later versions of my software do ok without custom firmware, while some versions need it to achieve accuracy.

The software part is java, and it can be installed on most phones with some modifications but without the firmware the predictions arent half as accurate. I never said forester lied about that - I just said he is completely ignorant to the fact we do use custom firmware.

The firmware is specific to the phone model. On the nokia 6230i for example, the only way to install custom firmware is to either buy enough phones from nokia for them to agree to install custom firmware, or create hardware to do it yourself. It's not as easy as installing software though because things like voltage being too high can fry/damage the phone, and a voltage too low will result in problems.
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