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Genuine winner roulette system and computers
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August 12, 2009, 10:27am Report to Moderator

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There are a few teflon balls. Sometimes ivorine are worse as they're bouncy as hell. He appears to have used the wrong teflon ball which makes it a bit easier. There is still a fair bit of bounce but not more than the ivorine. But it's not really the bounce that makes the wheel more difficult to beat. But anyway the wheel type is correct - beautiful looking wheel. I have a thing for wheels.
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August 12, 2009, 4:20pm Report to Moderator

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Just a reminder for players: email me for the new player only forum, which includes partners who view here - even if you havent yet gotten the computer. Everyone will receive the latest dvd which is around 100 spins (1 hour of very quick spins) on the mk7 wheel with ivorine ball. Testing with basic settings and getting predictions about 80% of the time, and with predictions about 9 seconds before the ball falls, I got the following approximate exact number hit rates based on scatter charts and AREA where prediction was in the charts, not "exact" number hit rates because they are irrelevant if you dont consider the area:

Diamond 1: 1 in 20
Diamond 2: 1 in 8
Diamond 3: 1 in 20
Diamond 4: 1 in 15

You can isolate to any diamond, but this means you get fewer predictions. Given how early predictions were, on an old ball track, the wheel is near level, got predictions on about 80% of spins, I almost wet my pants. These results will be easy enough for you to replicate as they are only basic settings. If you scout for easily beaten wheels, you can do much better, but the mk7 wheel represents pretty much the average "modern" wheel in a casino that knows what they're doing.

If you are playing a modern wheel like the mk7, you will need to have greater knowledge and skill of what you're doing. If you are playing on an easy wheel, it is much more basic. In reality you should NOT be playing 80% of spins or it's too obvious. I will advise more on how to play in the player only forum so please signup there.
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August 12, 2009, 4:32pm Report to Moderator

Administrator Group
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BTW I'm locking this thread now. It's gotten too long and announcements will be made by the player only forum. As for the challenge which Ronjo did, my point was proven with the computer. The only people that debate it are the kiddies like Bago, oh and forester who says Ronjo was just incompetent. As for system testing, it is advantage play, and even the stooges admit it is effective. They only call it a scam when I teach it, otherwise, it is all legit. I think that speaks for itself.

Ooh, PS, the diamond 2 predictions were 20% of the overall total of spins. The actual exact number hit rate was 1 in 5, but to be fair I considered the average value in the area of prediction which was 8. During testing I actually found a bit of room for further improvement, but I wont bother having it implemented as it would be a lot of extra work for a bit of extra accuracy when it's certainly not needed. 1 in 8 on a wheel forester doesnt believe can be beaten at all, with predictions 9 seconds before the ball falls and near level wheel, I think I did wet my pants, I love it.
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August 19, 2009, 3:32pm Report to Moderator

Administrator Group
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Have to add a few things: Recently forester claimed a young player lost $50,000 with my computer - apparently money his parents gave him - and that as a result he couldn't pay for his education. Forester said this a few times, and the last time his exact words were:

"Stefano took $5000 from student which he convinced that with his computer he can play automated roulette. Kid lost $50,000 parents gave him for study and still couldn’t get money back from Stefano because according to Stefano he did not try hard enough and because he is far so Stefano couldn’t help him. "

This is complete bullshit - there is no other word for it.. everything down to even rubbish saying I couldnt help him because he was too far way. I asked this player himself what on Earth forester was talking about. Here's a few quotes from the player:

"Of course I haven't lost 50,000USD"

"he is full of sh*t...this xxxxxx guy"

"every time this idiot tells something, we have to chat, mail each other in order to get to the bottom of the truth, and there is no truth - its just him saying bullshit."

Most people dont know how blatant Forester's lies actually are, because he doesn't usually come across as wacky like bago and mark. Forester, your behavior and lies are absolutely atrocious - you have become as bad as Mark.. Ah and speaking of automated roulette, see http://www.rouletteforum.net/cgi-bin/forum/Blah.pl?m-1250574660/ - dont worry forester, eventually I'll release these videos openly so everyone can see you for what you are. What I dont understand is why he doesnt think I'll actually ask the player for themselves and expose his lies. I think the man really has lost it. If you were over at GG you would have seen him really lose it when he posted under a fake name.
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August 28, 2009, 9:29am Report to Moderator

Administrator Group
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I forgot to add the video here. Download http://www.genuinewinner.com/alfa.wmv

This is a video of application on a wheel that forester said was impossible to beat for his computer, and any computer.

Because the spins are on an lcd screen, the numbers are a bit fuzzy so it's a good idea to have the wheel layout in front of you while you watch the video. This way you can verify how close the predictions are to the winning number. You can at the very least see the location of green zero, even if the other numbers arent clear.

Below are more details:

I just did the automated roulette wheel video. Below are the results:

0   :
1   : X X
2   : X X
3   :
4   :
5   :
6   :
7   : X X
8   :
9   :
10 : X
11 :
12 :
13 : X X
14 :
15 : X X X
16 : X X
17 : X X
18 : X
-18: X X X
-17: X
-16: X X X
-15: X X X
-14: X
-13: X X X
-12: X
-11: X
-10: X X
-9 : X
-8 : X X X X X
-7 : X
-6 : X X
-5 : X
-4 :
-3 : X
-2 : X X
-1 :

This is with predictions just a few seconds after ball release so they are very early - the ball completes a revolution in like 600ms at the time of prediction. The reason I did this one is mainly for a particular person who was told by forester that his computers cant beat this wheel, and no computer can possibly beat this wheel. I can only smile. Anyway if you see the video, remember it was made for only one person, not public release so you might see me in my robe looking rather unprofessional, I dont know yet I havent played back the video.

PS - The predictions are about 13 seconds before the ball falls and wheel is almost perfectly level. Bare in mind the prediction is given when the ball is around 600ms per revolution which is very fast. Plus predictions are only a few seconds after ball release. Also we have to take into consideration the automated wheel's in-built countermeasures. My point being the scatter chart is still good irrespective of these points. Only very basic settings were used and predictions are given almost every spin. With other settings predictions can be about 2 seconds earlier, and accuracy is about 50% greater. So much for an unbeatable wheel. Well it is if you use a basic computer, or even worse, use something like forester's FFZ where you have barely even any hope of knowing which side of the wheel the zap occurred on. Hmm who's the scammer? Further details are at http://www.roulettecomputers.com/videos.html
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November 26, 2010, 6:41am Report to Moderator
Still in Diapers
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Just a question for steve. Is the 'free roulette analysis software' project still on. http://www.genuinewinner.com/freesoftware.htm
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November 26, 2010, 8:06am Report to Moderator

Administrator Group
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Hell yes - it's a bigger project than even the roulette computers, and that is massive. I have to get a new programmer for it though as it involves a lot of J2EE and server programming. Ultimately part of it will be free, and other parts for players only.
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November 26, 2010, 10:15am Report to Moderator

Still in Diapers
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Roughly how long are we looking at, Steve?
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November 26, 2010, 10:31am Report to Moderator

Administrator Group
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I estimate about march 2011, I'll announce it everywhere when done and when closer to release date.
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April 20, 2011, 6:41pm Report to Moderator
Still in Diapers
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Steve, Settle this once and for all eternity Challenge them. Post the challenge all over the forums. Have a public contest. Your system(s) vs theirs. Unfortunately it cannot be done in a real casino, but let them supply the wheel and whatever else is neccesary. Make it a public contest and webcast it live. The loser then pays the winner $ xxx. I wanted to write $1 million, but can both parties afford it? Have the contest in Madison Square Garden. Just think of the publicity.

Maybe Huxley can supply the wheel and set it up. I don't think a casino will sponsor the event though.
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April 20, 2011, 6:44pm Report to Moderator
Still in Diapers
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What was the verdict of the testing of the computer? Can you point me to the post or if nothing materialized, do you know why not?
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April 21, 2011, 10:30am Report to Moderator

Administrator Group
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Henry, I've even done public demonstrations with recordings available at http://www.roulettecomputers.com/videos.html - there is an enormous amount of information. Most people cant be bothered reading it and researching. The people that DO read it then know the truth and laugh at the idiots

I have done so many public challenges before and every one of them was in my favour. And as expected, the results were twisted, distorted etc by the morons. Take Ronjo for example... he found everything I said was true. Then bago accused him of being me. Forester accused him of just being incompetent. See http://www.roulettewars.com/ronjo.html - the clowns lost if after that. They got increasingly personal and why? Because they kept losing against the truth.

I even got Bago live via skype which made him even madder. See http://www.rouletteforum.net/cgi-bin/forum/Blah.pl?m-1274934777/ - there is a load of personal stuff, but look past it to what counts.

Anyone who understands the information knows the truth.

You need to understand people like forester, howe and bago dont CARE about the truth. They have personal vendettas. The most recent challenge is for me to increase the bankroll of an online casino account. I'm partially complete, but havent yet had the time to complete it. I need about 3 more consecutive days which is not easy for me to find, expecially for childish games.  What will the latest challenge prove? Nothing, because there will always be excuses - same as with the other challenges I succeeded with. Even one player of mine who previously said I scammed him came forward and posted on the forum saying that he already made the required am ount of money at an online casino with a method I taught him. Look i could go on forever wasting time. It is up to you to do the research.

You need to also understand the people that attack me by now know what i teach is legitimate. It doesnt matter to them. It is personal.

I suggest actually fully read http://www.roulettewars.com - it is all there. Howe is a sick person, and running a business. Bago is a stupid kid who doesnt want people to know that rather than me be dishonest, he is actually incompetent. Forester is also running a business, and claims he's not. There is also a lot of envy involved. None of them can conceive of achieving what I have, including but not limited to automated image recognition roulette computers. I have without any doubt achieved more in roulette than anyone on this planet, and I say this not to boast, but I consider it fact.

There are many people who attack me, who either dont know any better, or have personal vendettas. If you want to know the truth, look only at what counts and forget the personal nonsense. I wrote roulettewars.com so I didnt need to waste further time on nonsense. If you read it and see, good. If you dont, so be it. You want to know the truth? The sorry but you will need to do a lot of reading. It has taken some people over a month, literally. And that's because the truth is beneath a pile of crap from morons who dont like the truth because of how it makes them look.

This has been going on for years now. At the end of the day, for those people to do what they do, they need to be unhappy with themselves and their lives. At the end of the day, I look at my life, and I sincerely feel sorry for them.
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