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Mark Anthony Howe fraud! predictroulette. com
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Sam Yousif
May 16, 2008, 4:22pm Report to Moderator
Guest User
My name is Sam Yousif. Mark Anthony Howe said I could get his roulette computer for ₤600 (US$1,200), then pay him the rest with the profits I made. But he did not give me anything for my money. He just stole it and said he sent the computer, and said it is my fault I did not get shipping insurance. When I asked him to give proof he sent the computer (like a receipt), he refused because he is a liar and thief! He could not even provide a simple reciept! He just sent me threatening emails warning me not to tell others this story. I want to put this conman out of business. He never sent the computer at all. He just stole my money and blamed it on a the courier. Then I later found out he did the exact same thing to someone else!

I should have listened to the warnings at http://www.roulettesystemreviews.com/index2.html#markhoweroulettecomputer

He refuses to refund my money and just send me abusive emails. So I asked to have my contact information published at the Roulette System Reviews web site so i can tell anyone that asks what a lying cheating fraud Mark is! My phone number is also below:

Sam Yousif
2/97 Sherwood rd
2160, Australia
Mobile Phone: +61 447644106

Proof that the funds were reall sent is at http://www.roulettesystemreviews.com/yousif.jpg

Call me and I will tell you personally everything is true. I am not even the only person he did this to. He even did this to one other person and maybe more.

Stay away from Mark Howe! He is a criminal, a liar and he will steal your money! He keeps changing his scam to different offers but dont trust him or you will make the mistake I did!
Roulette physics system Roulette computer devices
January 5, 2010, 10:36am Report to Moderator
Guest User
I was scammed by this bastard at predictroulette.com also!

Mark Anthony Howe runs a false review site at roulettecomputerreviews.com to give himself top reviews. You had better believe what people say about Mark. He is the worst scammer.

Now his latest softwares can be downloaded for free at most of the forums. Dont buy the scam. Get it for free and spread it to bring down this fucking bastard! See http://www.datafilehost.com/download-74e1a92c.html for link. I am not the only person he scammed.

Have a look at what is in the file to prove it is a scam.

This file has two roulette computers made from Mark Anthony Howe
at predictroulette.com. The roulette.jar and roulette.jad
files are for the mobile phone version and all other files  
for psion 3a version. Both are a scam.

He runs sites predictroulette.com with fake review site at
roulettecomputerreviews.com and other sites like
Idrinkpeepee to try discredit other computer

Me and lots of others were scammed by him and am giving you his
computers for free so everyone can avoid this scam. The computers
dont work. He is a theif conman and liar. Exception the dvds he sends
with his computer you cant beat any casino wheel.

Me and 6 other
people at least he scammed will be making a website about this
man soon so everyone can be aware of him. There are more but they
dont want to be involves.

Mark said he won millions from his computers and that he has all
serious qualifications. He fooled a newspaper reporter into
believing his computers are effective.

Lately he calls himself a
proffessor which is another lie. He said he made his computer in
20 years of development but it is rubbish. Nobody can do so badly
in 20 years.

He is a real conman,
the real thing and will tell you any lie to get your money.
Do not ever send this man money or you will
be sorry. Do not ever believe anything he says.

Be careful he uses
lot of fake names. You better believe all the information about him.
I read all the warnings before I paid him but did not listen.
I was fooled by his technical talk.

I did not believe how someone could be such a sick liar and conman.
Some people say he is sick but I did not believe it but
it is true. Now you can have his computers for free.

When he sees all this he will make excuses like
the programs dont work right because of no security code but he's
lying. Anyone who bought his original computers will tell you
everything is exactly the same.

I lost a lot of money using this computer and so did others. He
did not give a refund when me and others asked and said we didnt
know what we was doing.

Then later when I gave up someone
suggested some testing of his computer to see if I was the
problem or the programs. First I found mobile phones cant beat
roulette because they only measure inaccurate time parts.
Then I found the tests I will explain here you can do to test
for yourself.

If you want to email mark and tell him you know he is a scammer
and that his business is over, send email to markhowy@googlemail.com
or through predictroulette.com but do it with another name or use
a anonymous email servise like http://www.anonymousfeedback.net/index.php?action=send or he
will spam you back. Never give him real email address.

Other text files have test details so you can prove its scam.
I was told to do them also so to see is a scam. When some people did
these tests Mark said it was because of a file that needed to be
deleted. That file was the program.

He wanted this customer to
delete his program because the scam was exposed and he didnt want
more tests done. You really dont know how bad a scammer Mark Howe
is. He is worst! Now we get revenge and to protect the public from
this scum.

Send these files to everyone and teach them to do tests to expose
this conman.

Go f*** yourself mark you lying dog there is more to come if
you really want it scammer! I will put this file everywhere.

I even include tests here for people
to do so they know what a fucking lying pig scammer you are!

Your newest computers is for everyone free so you dont scam others.
You fucking pig say you win millions but you can never use
this computers in any real casino you test in your basement and by
looks of it maybe not even test just sell bullshit!


And then there is the mobile phone computer free instructions.

This is Mark's newest computer. But it is also worst.

Some obvious
problems are you is the sound files are so bad you can not hear
them. Some of them are to short so if 36 is the prediction you
might only hear just 6.

Mark says it because of flat battery but
he is lying. It is result of poor design. There are to many
problems to list all. Just do tests and you will see.

First install program to your phone. Instaling is different with
different phones. For most phones upload the roulette.jar with a
free WAP uploader as http://www.imserba.com/wapupload/

some phone need both files but others only need larger file.
installating might need to be different for other phone.s

Then use phone wap internet browser to get and install the file.
There are other ways of doing it but this is easiest because you
dont need cables.

Now start the program.

You will be asked USA or EU wheel (single or double zero wheel).

Then asked TILTED or LEVEL wheels. If the ball hits the same
diamond mostly, choose TILTED

If it hits all diamonds about the
same amount then choose LEVEL.

You are then asked to enter offset. Selecting Auto does nothing
it is just for show. But to do testing select MANUAL then enter 0
for all the next areas which are CW1,CW2ACW1,ACW2,OFFSET,ACOFFSET
which makes testing easiest.

Now to choose ROTOR. For full revolutions choose 1.0.

Then you are asked for BALL. 3 means you take timings of 3 ball
turns in play mode. Choose 3 because you want to use the most ball
revolutions and this is 4 ball clicks.

Now there is a test sound setting, but click OK.

You will see a screen with READY on it. You can use any phone key
to use the computer but use the bottom right is easiest.

Now you need to take your ball samples. When you are ready, click
once. You will hear "CALIBRATE" then click again then you will
hear "CONFIRM" then click again. Now the computer is waiting for
your ball clicks.

To make your ball clicks, click when the ball passes the same
diamond until the ball falls onto the wheel.

After the computer gets no more clicks it was ask you FRACTION.
Imagine clock with numbers 1 to 12 oclock. So if the ball hit a
diamond at 12 oclock enter nothing. If it hit diamond at 3 oclock
then you enter 3 clicks and so on. But for testing just click
nothing so the computer assumes ball land at 12 oclock.

Now the computer asks SET ROTOR. Click nothing so the computer uses
the standard timings.

The computer now says PLAY.

Now to get a prediction  click once when 0 passes your set diamond
(the diamond you took timings with) then click again when 0 pass
it again. Now click 4 times for the ball so once each time the ball
pass this diamond.

You will hear a really bad voice saying a number, and the number is
displayed on screen.

Now you know how to use it. Lets do some testing to see what a scam


Mark wants you to do this test: In play mode make your two wheel
rotor clicks. Then click 4 times for the ball. Do your rotor
clicks early in the spin, but each time you do a test change the
time for the ball clicks.

If the computer is a effective you
should find that no matter when you make ball clicks, the
prediction should be in same area. And the results seem good.
You make same rotor clicks every time, and ball clicks at
different time on different spins and the predictions are all
close so it all seems good computer.

BUT now make your rotor clicks when 0 is on the opposite side
diamond, but ball clicks at original diamond. What should happen
with effective computer? You should get prediction at opposite
side. What actually happens with marks scam? The predictions are
still on same side or original!!!!

This prooves Mark's computer is designed to pass a basic test
with same rotor click and ball clicks at different times to check
that all predictions are close. But he doesnt expect you to click
opposite side for the rotor and expose his scam!

Mark psion version is better but still very bad accuracy. I think
his mobile phone version is pure scam not to give good prediction
but to sell it because a mobile phone computer appear cool. The
psion version is not much better.


Do all the same settings but use LEVEL wheel settings instead

Take your ball sample the same. Now when ready to get predictions
try predicting the same spin with the same diamind using the same
diamond for both 0 and ball. What you are supposed to get is
predictions in same area. What you get with this scam is
predictions all over the place. How can computer be accurate
if it wildly changes mind about prediction on same spin?

With scam if you use same diamond for wheel and ball, and make
ball and wheel clicks at the same time on the same spin, you get
predictions mostly in around same area of 10 pockets which seem
better than random. But if you use same diamond for wheel and ball but at different
times in the spin then the predictions can be on opposite sides!

This is very bad because how can computer be accurate if it keeps
changing mind on same spin?

Try it with different diamonds but use same diamond for
ball and rotor. You are supposed to get same predictions close
together but get predictions everywhere.

These tests proove marks computer is scam. It cant predict anything
even on same spin. Mark did never get banned from casino for winning
to much like he says. He is a scammer.

Other people did these tests and then complained to mark and we
all get similar excuses. Some get abused called stupid.

Some he
asked to delete program to solve problem so they cant do further
tests when it really was his attempt to avoid us doing more test.
Some he asked to send phone back to check if there is a problem
then told they must pay Mark for his time if there is no problem!
Some never got phone back and never get refund.

I dont care of refund anymore. Just want to bring down the scammer.
Spread the word that Mark Howe and predictroulette.com is a scam!
Send him emails so he know you know he is scammer. Spread the word.
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January 5, 2010, 12:34pm Report to Moderator

The easiest money is the hardest to get
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Well at least you kept it relatively polite...lol
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January 6, 2010, 12:14am Report to Moderator

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*gets a knife to spread the word*
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