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Method that sounds like GOLD and its only BULLS*IT
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April 18, 2007, 9:12pm Report to Moderator
Guest User
Hi there, I'm a new user of your forum
and come from the site of roulette systems reviews.

And want to contribute cause I think people would be happy to not waste money and sum it up for
useful things first of all.

And because one of the victims of this kind mechanism is myself.

Just a year ago I started playing roulette on online casinos on suggestion of a friend o mine
that said that he was a winner (Now, like Maulder in X-Files I "Trust no one" no more and judge by myself).

So that was one year ago, and that year I lost almost 1000 $ on Roulette.

Principally on Casino On The Net and Mummy's Gold if I do remember well.

I lost even the money for the only method I bought that's "Wealth Method" that about 100$

Used about 3 methods:

Mayer line technique(suggested by my friend)...
A progression technique(suggested by my friend)...
The bets are on the dozens and there is a progression (Fibonacci serie from what it seems) that gives
gain in the "range(1,3)" u start when u have a betting signal of 5 time a dozen doesn't come.
The progresion is like +1 +2 +3 + 4 +6 +9 ecc... the progression stops max on the 11th spin after the signal.
And finally the wealth method that i paid.

Mayer line seemed good at first cause it was said that an average of ten spins was required to win a line.

So at a +5 dollar rate in a mean time of 10 spin it was like gold....it was a sin that had to be paid.
Cause the roulette software especially of casino on the net or 888 if it's the same, adapted to that method rapidly, I won there 3 mayer lines than bankrupt and tried again and bankrupt again after 4 lines.
On Mummy's gold things were a lot better it seemed to work for many times and than the same happened..two bankrupts.

The progression method played well on Mummy's and again lost exactly in very few betting signals on Casino on the net.

Stopped playing on Casino on the net after that....that casino software was too bad

Played the wealth method and sometimes it worked well and some other not.
But that method was reassuring cause with a flat bet of max 8 units plus or negative the thing would haven't been so dangerous.
So I played in that method for weeks on a daily basis.
And in the end I was anyway loosing not just for zeros that popped outs, but it seemed not even a 50/50
game in any case.

So I get my funds out of the casino and stopped playing online.

To come back to the fact I was talking like "A year has passed"...and so on, recently I've been in montecarlo and to the casino as well.
And liked a lot the place and all.
Talked even with people who seemed to win to understand better this world.

Many of them said me that played online too and in not all casinos u can win.
Many software knows patterns of methods used so when they discover a consistent one
they become hard to play.

In the end it was fun.

So I got interested in Roulette again.

But this time trying to figure out why I've lost so easily.

And considering that I've spent even almost 100 $ to get a method that works that made me loose the same, I've to try something so being a student of Computer Science Engineering ,I've built a Wealth Method Simulator to check if was working stuff or just a fraud.

So If anyone is interested in a review of that method, let me know where I can write this down.
And where I can put simulation results and explanation of the same.

Sorry for my english...

Happy spinning by,
Roulette physics system Roulette computer devices
April 18, 2007, 9:18pm Report to Moderator
Guest User
Ah, and can someone point me to which casinos use a particular software platform.

And live webcam casino are tricked the same ?

Can someone list them.

And that hamburg casino which is le link that lists the number, I don't understand german and I'ven't found that link.

Thanx for attention,
See ya.
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